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The Breath of Purpose 

T. Corbett - 

"My sister, my sister, my sister. I just finished your book "The Breath of Purpose." I read the whole thing in 24hours!!! All I can say is....WOW! God has blessed you with a tremendous talent. Write on JRENEE!" 


"I am not a reader but I finished your book in three days...All I can say is breath takin'! It was excellent, awesome and all the above! You are truly an anointed writer! Excited about the next series of books to come!"

Rev. Rhonda Johnson


"Jrenee! I finished the book this morning and with my face running with tears as if a faucet had been turned on this final scene is a constant in my dreams!"

Rev. Tracey Victor Butler, founder/manager Tamar's House for Teen Moms,


"I just finished the book! had a girl in tears over here!  Anyone can relate to any of the characters in the book and find hope and strength through trials.  God bless you. You did your thang with this one Jrenee!  I can't wait for the next novel"

Tanya Angelique Cain, Teacher

"This book has been a blessing to me.  The way Renee handles real life trials while at the same time dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer is amazing.  I can't wait to get home to read.  The characters are so real, they could be in my family!"

Shanae Hale, Occupational Therapist


"Everybody needs to read The Breath of Purpose!  I have been sitting here crying while reading the final chapters because the story is so real and just touches you to the core.  For anyone that has ever felt overwhelmed, or like God can't hear you at times, just hang in there with Renee Chase.  She is a true survivor in Jesus Christ"

Regina Conway, manager 


 "Oh my goodness! - I finished the book - raved about it - who knew what a talent God has given you ! I even had tears in my eyes girl! Thank you thank you - I can't wait for the next one." 

Dana Mason, Speech Pathologist


"OMG Jrenee! I just finished the book! I loved it...that book was full of the Holy Spirit and touched my core because it was based upon 'real life' experiences and gave the reader hope.  No matter what they faced.  I loved the ending.  Endings may not be what we want but they are definitely ordained by God.  Thanks so much now hurry up and finish the next one.  I have a special place in my heart for the Alex character..."

Min. Chevaun Whitman


 About Taking Deep Breaths:

LeVesta Jackson-Crute had this to say ...

"I was on my lunch break reading the last couple chapters and the tears started coming, WOW, what a BLESSING and it certainly did take my breath away. You are an awesome, awesome writer. I am so proud and happy for you. When is Part 3 coming out of The Anointed Breath Series....don't have me waiting too long (smile)."