Warning: If you haven't read The First Two Books in The Anointed Breath Series, you may read some important details that will spoil your true experience of the journey into the series.  Be sure you've read them first BEFORE you read this excerpt.  Peace and love




Welcome to your Exclusive Sneak Peek into....



"Don't Stop Breathing"

official prologue


I watched him as he said his goodbyes to his faithful followers.  For a moment I forgot about the pain in my body, the stripes across my back and stomach that were not healed.  I was transfixed.  I was witnessing a miracle.  Man who would have believed so many people would testify that their very lives depended on this young man, this former drug dealer and the words he let flow from his lips every Sunday morning?  He’d put on a little weight, but that walk was unmistakable.  Powerful, every stride had purpose.  I needed that purpose right now.  I knew him and loved him, and I was betting my life right now, that he loved me even more.  Despite my relationship with him, I was just like those lost sheep that herd into this huge coliseum by the thousands.  The bleating, confused, desperate for anything...

He was my last hope.  There was absolutely no one else on this earth that could save me right now.  I’d been running.  Running so long that my tired was tired.  There were APB’s out for me in at least five states on the east coast.  It’s been maybe four or five months since I’ve had any loving human contact.  I can’t remember exactly because the days are nights to me and the nights, just an extension of the darkness I feel inside.  

“Can I help you ma’am? Our shelter hours don’t start for another hour, but if you need assistance, I’m sure Pastor wouldn’t mind us letting you in.” A tall white man with a southern drawl was looking at me with eyes that smiled.  It caught me off guard.  How could those eyes be smiling at me?  I’m sure I looked a sight.   

“Uh...no sir.  I was just taking a break from walking.  I’m gonna be moving on.  Um...is that your pastor over there?” I asked pointing in the direction of the strong figure I’d seen leaving the back door of the facility.  He was actually walking to his car, not far from where we stood.  He looked towards us, nodded, smiled and continued on preoccupied with the conversation he was having on his cell phone.  I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until he was about ten feet away from us.  Was he messing with me or did he really not recognize me?  I wish he could hear the voices in my head.  I wish he could hear me screaming Don’t go! Please help me!  I need you!  

Suddenly he turned around.  He began walking back towards us.  I knew it.  I knew he wouldn’t leave me here.

“Fletcher?  Did you need help with something?” He slowed his pace and approached us with a bit of caution.  It was after all, nightfall and there was a clearly disheveled, deranged looking woman standing in a nearly empty parking lot, chatting it up with one of his faithful.

“No Sir, I was just going to take this young lady....I’m sorry I didn’t ask your name,” he said turning to me as his Pastor came to stand beside him.

“Punkin?” His voice was a deep clouded mixture of confusion, concern, and hope.

“Alex,” I responded even though I despised the name he called me.  I’d vowed never to answer to it again, but I knew he loved me, he meant no harm.

“You got a lot of people looking for you.  You know you’re in a lot of trouble,” Alex said never taking his eyes from mine.  In one smooth move he took off his expensive overcoat and wrapped it around my filthy garments, at the same time giving big Fletcher the I got this look.

“That’s why I’m here.”

Fletcher hadn’t gotten the hint and was still standing close by bouncing from one foot to the other, his hands tense.  I had no doubt he would drop me like a fly if I did anything to threaten Pastor Alex Chase.

“Fletch, today is a good day.  My sister here has come home.  There’s no need to worry.  I’m gonna take her into the sanctuary, call First Lady Talia and tell her I said make sure the guest room is ready and to get a hot meal on the table. My sister has returned!”

And then he hugged me.  

“You’re safe,” he whispered

And it was the first time I really knew that I was.  That I was safe.  I’d been through so much, done things I thought I’d never do, but I felt safe in his arms.